Bio & Publications

Kagonya Awori is a Computer Engineering PhD at the Microsoft Research Social Natural User Interfaces lab, at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her PhD informs how to design video-mediated technologies that mediate indigenous knowledge praxis over distance. She holds a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelors in Business Information Technology from Strathmore University, Kenya.

In 2012, Kagonya was part of the team that founded the iHub UX Lab in 2012, which was the first Design lab in East Africa dedicated to UX. The building of the UX Lab was featured in an XRDS article in 2012. She then went on to found WananCHI, an ACM SIGCHI local chapter, and co-hosted the first Tajriba, an annual UX workshop for students and entrepreneurs.  

Also in 2012, Kagonya co-created the Umati project, with the aim of investigating and curbing online hate speech. Umati was the first project globally to collect, analyse and synthesise hate speech reports en masse using Machine Learning and NLP. Umati started in Kenya and in three years was implemented in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Myanmar and South Sudan. Kagonya served as the technical lead and UX lead of Umati. Her work in Umati has been reported in the Guardian, Medium, Kenyan news sites and academic publications. She is also one of the leads of Mobiotrics, a biometric application developed to facilitate secure and easy access to health and financial information. Mobiotrics has been used by clients such as USAID and MP3Youth.

Keen to promote HCI in and from Africa, Kagonya was part of a committee that organised the inaugural conference for HCI in Africa, AfriCHI, which was hosted in-cooperation with ACM SIGCHI in 2016. She served as technical co-chair of AfriCHI 2016. In 2014, Kagonya received the Google Anita Borg award (reported here) for demonstrating outstanding academic achievement, leadership and community involvement in Computer Engineering, and received the Human Computer Interface/ Interaction Design Award sponsored by Microsoft Research SocialNUI Centre in 2016.


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